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VIOLA said, august 5, 2010

It has been quite some time since I have left a post, but I continue to deal with my symptoms from my H1N1 shot on Oct. 26. I finally had a firm diagnosis of an ‘acute immune reaction’ to the vaccine. I have just completed a 25 day prescription of prednisone for the inflammation in my arm which seemed to work although my arm still feels tight. I still have pain and remain on a slow release morphine medication. From the pain in my arm I developed severe frozen shoulder – more than the orthopedic specialist has seen before, but then it took me five months to get in to see him.

The Nerve Conduction specialist concluded I don’t have nerve damage which is a relief and those symptoms seemed to have gone away a couple of months ago.

I have done massage therapy, acupuncture, and physio in the past with no results. For the past two weeks I have now been doing daily frozen shoulder exercises from YouTube by Sherry Lebed Davis – they are excellent and I am making steps to improvement.

On July 12/10 I wrote a letter to the Canada Minister of Health, Alberta Minister of Health, Medical Officer of Health for my area, MP for my area, MLA for my area, MLA for Wildrose Alliance, and the Ombudsman. The only two responses I received were a phone call from the Medical Officer department of Alberta and a letter from the Ombudsman outlining procedures to follow.

Our politicians don’t care and neither does the Canada Minister of Health. They didn’t even have the courtesy of a reply. In the future I will never allow the ‘system’ persuade me to participate in their vaccine programs again.

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