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Posted by kristie tait on August 9, 2010 at 4:29 pm

Hi Brenda,

I just wanted to let you know that months back before we appeared twice on the CTV Edmonton news I did contact my local health unit. They took some info, told me the same thing that no one else had reported any ill effects from the vaccine. They had a minister of health contact me and told me to contact health Canada with my concerns aswell. The health officer (his name was Brent Friesen.) told me to fax a copy of both the injections my son received along with a letter stating his symptoms. I did that & never heard another word again from him. Months after I contacted health Canada I received this crappy little email.

Dear Ms. Tait:

Thank you for your correspondence of June 16, 2010, addressed to the
Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health, concerning the H1N1 flu
vaccine. The Minister has asked me to respond on her behalf. I note that
you have also written to Ms. Glenda Yeates, Deputy Minister of Health.

I understand your frustration—as a parent, there is nothing more
challenging than when your child is unwell and you do not know why, or
what you can do to help them. While the Public Health Agency of Canada is
responsible for monitoring vaccine safety at the national level, this
activity is undertaken in close collaboration with provincial and
territorial public health authorities who are responsible for immunization
programs in their respective jurisdictions. I would encourage you to
contact your local public health unit and ask for their assistance in
reporting your concerns.

The Government of Canada tests vaccines for safety and efficacy before
they are approved for use in Canada. The H1N1 flu vaccine was no
exception. Despite the short time frame to ensure that the vaccine was
available prior to the resurgence of H1N1 illness in the fall, Health
Canada undertook extensive reviews of available evidence and concluded
that it was ready to be offered to protect Canadians. Monitoring the
safety of the vaccine across Canada and internationally has confirmed the
vaccine to be both safe and effective in preventing H1N1 illness.

Thank you for writing. I wish good health for you and your family.


David Butler-Jones, MD
Chief Public Health Officer
Public Health Agency of Canada

I was told by my public health unit to contact health canada….health canada is telling me to contact my public health unit….this is so frustrating for me. This was my response to his email

Dear Mr. Jones,

with all due respect, it is not a mystery to me why my son is ill. He has been damaged by that so called safe vaccine, I can find some comfort in knowing that we are not alone & many others have suffered similar damages and in some cases much worse than my son. Everyone who knows Logan reports he is not the same child he was before he had that vaccine. I have school officials at bat for him to be sure he receives the support he needs next school year. They have reported to me that my son is NOT the same child that started school last fall & I hold little hope he will ever be the same. I did report my concerns to our local health unit & sent correspondence to Brent Friesen who never ever so much as called me back or did anything to help. I am disgusted with health officials and our government. We appeared on the CTV Edmonton news twice and have been fighting for justice but hold little hope that anyone really cares. I appreciate your getting back to me (months later) but no offence…it’s a joke! I will continue to pray for Logan and all of the others who are going through hell and wonder if they will ever have their lives back. And I will continue to speak out about how this vaccine damaged my son & so many others. I am also writing a book and I hope to have it published by fall. I will be sure to put this email (months later) in that book. Thanks for nothing Health Canada!!! To think I used to be so proud to wear the maple leaf & now I would like nothing more than to move from here. I will continue to fight & won’t stop until I see justice…for all of us!

thanks again for nothing!

Kristie Tait

As you can see it’s just a grade school game of pass the buck, an NO Logans doctor will NOT connect his symptoms with the vaccine. I am sure he did not report we suspect the vaccine is the cause of his ongoing spells of vomitting and diarhea. Or that since then he has had severe headaches where he reports his hair hurts on the inside & his hands and feet feel like they have beads in them (tingling & numbness) I have done and been down every road I can think of. I have contacted MLA’s, MP’s, health ministers, health officers, public health units, ect. ect. ect. so far all I have had in response is that stupid little email. I am getting rather fed up now & have compiled information & notes from all my journals I wrote ect. I am about to start some writing in hopes it will get published somewhere. Please pray it does as it is my hopes not only to help my Logan but everyone else who has suffered an impaired quality of life since the vaccine.


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